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Kindsd Moh Dong Hair


With Kindsd Moh Dong, you can style your wig however you desire and transform your look entirely every time. 

Featuring an innovative Kindsd Moh Dong Hair, hair strands are individually hand-tied allowing the hair to move freely in any direction. 
Not only does this allow for multi-styling versatility, Kindsd Moh Dong also offers the most realistic, natural-looking finish. 

Available in the most trend-setting styles, get ready to transform yourself with SwissX. 

▪ Swiss Lace Silk Base 
▪ Kindsd Moh Dong
▪ Hand-Tied Lace 
▪ Multi-Directional Parting 
▪ Styling Versatility 
▪ Realistic & Natural Looking 
▪ Comfortable Wear 
▪ Easy Maintenance


Kindsd Moh Dong Hair
Kindsd Moh Dong Hair
Kindsd Moh Dong Hair
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